I woke up with a headache, my throat is sore from screaming, and my joints feel arthritic.

But last night was definitely one of the best nights that I’ve had in my entire life.

Emily, Alex, and I made it right up to the barrier at the very beginning of the concert, and held our spots firm throughout. They were at the barrier, and I was behind them but I could still see perfectly.

The first band that came on, A Silent Film, was absolutely fantastic. I’d never heard any of their stuff before but the lead singer’s voice was gorgeous and their lyrics were beautiful. Turns out, when he stopped singing and addressed the audience, they they’re from the UK and that this was their first tour of the US. I’m definitely gonna be looking up their music and purchasing it because wow.

The next band, Young Blood Hawke, was sadly not as impressive as I had expected them to be. I think the lead singer was a bit high, because his speech was strung out and he was very… open. Also I think they and AWOLNATION were fighting because both sort of did small, indirect quips at each other when talking to the audience.

And then, the big moment. AWOLNATION came onto the stage and the crowd went absolutely nuts. And holy shit was there reason. Their music is just as good, of not even better, played live. Aaron Bruno is so unbelievably energetic on stage, running and jumping and rolling around during songs. And he knows how to work the audience. He had us crowd-surfing, crouching down to the floor only to all jump u as one at the build of a song, and just…. ugh. It was so good.

And, best of all, while I never got to touch Aaron Bruno, I didn’t care at the end because i got something even better.

After the concert Emily, Alex, and I went outside and stage-door’d. We waited outside for maybe… forty-five minutes, I would guess, and then Aaron came out. We were the first ones to confront him. Emily went up to him and told him how much he inspired her and she shook his hand and he gave her a hug. And then, while we were setting up for a picture of the two of them together, my father called on the phone we were using as a camera. Once I ended the call with a quick “I’ll call you back in a second.” and sort of lamely said “Sorry, that was my dad. He has the best timing.” Aaron chuckled and said to me “Yeah, parents usually do.” And we just sort of grinned at each other and then Emily got he picture of him.

I might have not touched Aaron Bruno.

But we talked and he grinned at me.

I’ve gotten everything I’ve ever wanted. I’m flying away now. Goodbye friends I am gone.

The Unholy Trio Goes AWOL was the best decision ever and I love you both.